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​Why Is The New StoneStream EcoPower So Much Better Than Your Standard Shower Head?

Born to revolutionize the outdated shower industry, and has been perfected over years of experimentation, the StoneStream EcoPower is not only designed to improve your shower experience and to provide you with healthier shower water but also to save you money.

The EcoPower shower head features an advanced filtration mechanism that will remove impurities form your shower water including chlorine, dirt, rust, bacteria, limescale, sand, heavy metals and more. Which in turn will keep your shower water cleaner and your skin and hair healthier and smoother. 

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The Future Of Shower Heads Is Here

Softening hard water

85% of all Americans have hard water running through their pipes, most of them without knowing about it. Hard water sticks to everything it touches including your shower tiles, shower head, shower screen, and most importantly - your skin and hair.


The EcoPower shower head features a new mixture of Germanium stones that soften hard water into natural spring-like water.
The new filtering stones mixture is tested to significantly reduce impurities in your shower water including chlorine, dirt, rust, bacteria, limescale, sand, heavy metals and more.

More powerful yet smoother water flow

While other shower heads may features small rubber outlets to push water out, our anodized aluminum plate consists of 250 laser-cut spray holes which provided the best performance as well as an easy wipe-to-clean surface.

This means less clogging and more consistent water pressure over the lifespan of your shower. 

All while saving water (and money!)

Introducing the STOP button - which enables you to instantly stop the water flow without reaching out to the water valve. Not only that is saves water, it is also very convenient for washing long hair, children and  pets.

Although you may think it'll only make a small change, StoneStream® EcoPower reduces shower water consumption by up to 35%. In the average US home, StoneStream® can save up to $227 per year, for the average American household.

from $24.90
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We are so confident in our products that if there's any issue with any part, we'll replace the whole item for free, no returns needed. 

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