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StoneStream® EcoPower

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Everyone else...

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From $24.90

StoneStream® Shower Head VS Other Copies
Ever since we started StoneStream®, we’ve been copied and compared to other shower heads. In order to help you decide which shower head is right for you, we’ve highlighted some of the things we think make us unique.

What's our secret? Our factory has been making shower heads for over 35 years, which allows us to confidently stand by our 100% quality guarantee.

How do we stand behind our claims? We offer a REAL guarantee that no other shower head brand offers. Below are the key reasons why we’ve sold over 150,000 shower heads and earned over 10,000 5-star reviews.

✔ Your shower experience has not improved.

✔ Your mineral and limescale build-up has not reduced.
 ✔ Your order was not delivered on-time.

✔ Our shower head doesn't fit (this almost never happens).


✔ Our customer service team is available 24/7 and we guarantee a same-day reply to all inquiries.
✔ 120% Money-Back for cheap knockoffs.

Still not convinced? Read Our Promise >>


Copied Shower  Heads


1-Year Warranty

On-Time Delivery Guarantee
Full refund if order is late

Chrome plating, stop button option, curved head, ABS material

Anodized Aluminum Plate
Prevents clogging and easy to clean

24/7 Customer Service

Rated GREAT on
9 out of 10
StoneStream® customers say their shower experience improved*
Based on 1,200+ reviews
4 out of 5
StoneStream® customers say they will recommend the shower head to friends and family*
*Based on a randomized survey of StoneStream product owners conducted in January 2020.

9 Reasons so many switch to a StoneStream® Shower Head

Have you been experiencing clogging? Skin dryness? Or maybe rough hair?
For years, shower head brands have been adding features your body doesn’t need, leading to over-priced, complex options. Here’s how the StoneStream® shower head can improve shower experience.

StoneStream shower head and filter.jpg

1. An effective water filtration process (at an affordable price).

By taking away all the bells and whistles, our filters feature a 15-stage filtration process that will eliminate impurities in your shower water including chlorine, dirt, rust, bacteria, limescale, sand, heavy metals and more for approximately $0.20/day on average. Our filters are good for about 8,000 Gallons, which is 6-8 months of the average shower water usage.

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2. Better Flow. Anti-Clog.

We use anodized aluminum to perfect the structure with 250 laser-cut spray holes. The water stream is designed for both thin and thick hair, infants and pet fur. Built from high-density ABS thermoplastic polymer, StoneStream® EcoPower is highly durable. Our anodized aluminum plate allows mineral residue to simply be wiped away for an instantly refreshed look.

StoneStream shower head_2.jpg

3. Designed to save water and reduce costs.

StoneStream® EcoPower reduces shower water consumption by up to 35%. In the average US home, StoneStream® can save $227 on your yearly water bill. If everyone in the US used StoneStream®, we could save over $6 Billion every year in water consumption and heating.


4. Your skin & hair will thank you.

85% of US homes have hard water, it mostly consists of high levels of calcium and magnesium. Hard water sticks to everything it touches including your pipes, showerhead, skin, and hair. Hard water may clog pores and cause dryness, triggering breakouts, flaking, and itching. Moreover, hard water erodes the hair elasticity and leaves the hair very rough. Our filters reduce the amount of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in water - adjusting your skin's pH value contributing to its health as well as making your hair more smooth and shiny.

stone stream shower head

5. Easy to install (No need for professionals).

If you can replace a lightbulb, you can install StoneStream®, it is compatible with the international standard connection (2cm connector). Every StoneStream® package comes with instructions and your can also visit our how-to-install videos page >>


6. Fits all showers, wall fixed too.

StoneStream® shower heads and filters fit all shower types. We offer a wide range of kits to fit each purpose. You can order a full shower kit or a shower filter separately (Handheld, fixed, combo shower heads, replacement stones and cartridges available). In the image you can see the 5 items included in our Hard Water Filtration Kit which is everything you need in order to transform your shower.

Not sure? Click here to get a FREE fitting consultation today >>

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7. 10,000+ 5-star reviews

People can’t get enough of the StoneStream® shower head. We’re getting so many great vibes for our customers. We’d also like to thank all of our customers who share photos, videos and  stories on social media. Word of mouth helps us a lot!

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8. Guaranteed compatibility, warranty and 24/7 Customer Service

We are so confident in our products that if there's any issue, we'll replace it for free - no returns needed! Our products are universal and fit 99% of shower types, that's why we offer a compatibility guarantee and if for some reason it doesn't fit, we'll process a full refund! If you want to contact us, our customer service team is available 24/7 at or if you’re feeling old-school, you can reach out to us at +1 (302) 696-0606.

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9. There’s also a good cause

We made providing clean water to everyone a part of our business. We envision a world in which all people have clean water.
Since its inception, StoneStream's mission was to provide cleaner and healthier water to people all over the world. At StoneStream
®,  we are committed to that mission and we believe we have the responsibility to push that concept all over the planet.
Learn more about our donations >>

Ready For a Better Shower Experience?

From $24.90




1 Year




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Customer Testimonial

@ Angela Goldney
Northampton, MA

Customer Testimonial

@ Mark Hammond
Plymouth, CA

Customer Testimonial

@ Danny Klein
Brighton, MI

Over 150,000 Showers Transformed

stone stream review 2.jpg

Nicole R.

I brought one shower head with hose etc, I didn’t know what to expect, but it’s brilliant! I have psoriasis and the water is hard on my skin, usually after a shower my skin is tight uncomfortable, since having the shower head my skin Is soft so is my hair! My hair is not dry straw like feeling it’s in really good condition abit like when your away on holiday the water is less harsh. I brought another one for my guest bathroom. Really glad I purchased this.
stone stream review 3.jpg

Adam T.

I got this after weeks of umming and erring, I guess boredom of lockdown got me. It arrived about 5 days quicker than they said, accounting for potential postal delays and arrived early within their normal time frame. Installed it and it gives an excellent water pressure. Much nicer than the old shower head.
stone stream review 4.jpg

Deb B.

Shower head arrived within around 10 days. I have issues with dry skin conditions and we're in a hard water area so wanted to give this a try. Very impressed so far! My skin is less dry, my hair is softer and the whole shower experience for me is so relaxing! The kids love it; they actually want to go for a shower now!!! My husband was quite impressed too, which says a lot!! And the customer service team have been brilliant; I made a mistake with a 2nd order and they sorted it immediately. I received regular update emails regarding dispatch and delivery too. All round excellent experience far so good!

Lynda K.

Don't be an miser like I was and buy a cheaper version! This is the real deal. The difference is amazing. Love it.

Jordan S.


Dave H.

I just wanted to let you know that my new StoneStream shower head arrived yesterday & I have just had my first shower with it. I have to say i'm very pleased with how it performs. I conducted a little experiment using my old & new shower heads while keeping the water flow dial on the same setting & the pressure is definitely higher using the StoneStream head. I must admit the pressure increase isn't quite as much as I imagined it would be but it IS noticeably better than before & I love being able to make the the choice of 3 spray settings using the switch on the side - much easier than most regular adjustable shower heads where the head itself needs turning.

David C.

Honestly, I never normally get sucked into Internet advertising and rarely Facebook ads. But this one kept popping up in my feed and I was super tired of clogged up showerhead that I had been living with since I bought the house as I had intended to change the taps a couple of years ago. The clincher was a 20% off voucher code so I thought meh. Why not?

In spite of the health pandemic, the showerhead and cable (glad I got that) arrived within a week and my god, it's AMAZING! It's like I've brought a boutique hotel shower in my humble bathroom. Well done.

Eileen D.

I have my stone stream a few months now going to order another one for my mother in law, the water seems softer on the skin even with high pressure. My husband and I could not believe the amount of dirt, almost sand like when I cleaned the filter highly recommend this product.

Improve Your Shower Experience Today

From $24.90




1 Year




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