Frequently Asked Questions

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Will it fit my shower pipe or hose?

The shower head connector is a standard international size and connects to all regular sized pipes and hoses. If you're unsure, we offer free compatability consultation. You can fill out our free fitting consultation form and our experts will get back to you within a few hours. If it's easier for you are more than welcome to take a picture of your shower and send it to our experts at and they'll get back to you with their advice.

How often do you have to replace the stones?

To ensure the best filtration of chlorine, bacteria, limescale, dust, and dirt it's recommended to replace the mineral filtration stones in your StoneStream showerhead every 8,000 gallons of water filtered, which is roughly 4-6 months for the average household. You can get your replacement stones here.

What's the difference between Single-Function and Multi-Function?

The Single-Function has only a single spray setting.
The Multi-Function has 3 Spray Settings; Massage, Jetting, and Rainfall all controlled with a knob placed on the top of the shower head.

How much do you charge for shipping and how long does your delivery take?

We offer fully trackable FREE shipping worldwide. We worked hard to reduce shipping times inspite of the global pandemic. Our handling time is normally 1 business day. You'll receive an email update once your order has been shipped. Then another email with your tracking number. Once you've received your tracking information you can track your order here. Shipping duration may vary based on your shipping address, but you can normally expect shipping to take: US (continental only) Free Shipping: 7-10 Business Days Express Shipping: 2-6 Business Days UK Free Shipping: 7-12 Business Days Express Shipping: 2-6 Business Days Europe
Free Shipping: 8-15 Business Days
Express Shipping: 4-7 Business Days
Free Shipping: 10-21 Business Days
Express Shipping: 8-12 Business Days

What if I have a fixed wall-mounted shower?

Lucky for you we're offering an affordable kit to easily convert your wall shower into a handheld shower without having to call a professional. Installing our Wall Adapter Kit is a breeze. Check out our installation guides for more information.

How to order and what type of kit should I order?

Can't figure out how or what to order? No worries, we got you - visit our How To Order step-by-step guide that covers pretty much everything you need to know about our website and products.

Can the StoneStream products reduce hard water and prevent limescale?

Yes, they can! Actually, it's exactly what they're designed for. Both, our showerheads, and our hard water filters, are built to reduce the different unwanted substances from your shower water and purify them. Learn more about how our products soften hard water here -

Can I use your shower head in my RV/Camper/Trailer?

Most of our shower heads can be used in motorhome showers (RVs, trailers or campers), however, some models that features the Stop button are incompatible with some types of showers. If you wish to use StoneStream in your motorhome please make sure to purchase a model that doesn't feature the Stop button. Feel free to place your order and ask our team to send you a motorhome compatibale showerhead that works with RVs, trailers, campers and other types of motorhomes.
For further questions regarding shower compatibality please contact our team via our contact us form.

What is the difference between this shower head and other similar shower heads sold online?

We know many of you are seeing different imitations of our shower products out there, especially on Amazon, which may even use our trademarked brand name. Beware of falling for buying from these other sellers as we guarantee their products are not the same. We have perfected the quality of our products for years before we were able to deliver the quality of products we offer you today. These cheap knockoffs are simply not as good and may even be potentially dangerous because of the low-quality materials they’re built off and the Quality Assurance processes these cheap products are going through. In fact, we do not offer our products elsewhere other than our official online stores so buying your shower head here on our website is really the safest way to improve your shower and avoid any pitfalls.

Does StoneStream® come with any warranty?

Yes! We offer a full year warranty on all of our shower head models. We're so confident in our products that we offer a hassle-free warranty; if you'll find a flaw in any of our shower heads, not only that we'll send you a new one right on the spot, you won't have to return the faulty shower head back to us.

Can I buy StoneStream showerheads on Amazon or eBay?

We have recently launched an international store on eBay, as well as a new store on to serve our US customers, for the time being.
To learn more about where you can find our products check out this page here.

What if my shower head arrived faulty?

No worries, we got you covered. We offer a hassle-free exchange policy - in case your shower head arrived faulty in any way or you experience any issues with your shower head during the first year of use - you simply need to contact our team via our contact us form and let them know. We'll instantly send a new shower head your way, no questions asked, and no need to return the faulty shower head. This is why you won't see return shipping label in our packages. You simply don't need it. It's as simple as that.

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