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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Will it fit my shower hose?
    The shower head connector is a standard international size and connects to the regular size hose.
  • How often do you have to replace the stones?
    The shower heads are high quality production and will last 2.5-3 years. Some areas have a bad case of limescale that causes a quicker wear out. Nevertheless, the shower head will last around 2.5-3 years in most cases. We recommend soaking the shower head in white vinegar in case it gets clogged with limescale. We are stocking up with replacement stones that will be available in our store soon!
  • What's the difference between Single-Function and Multi-Function?
    The Single-Function has only a single spray setting. The Multi-Function has 3 Spray Settings; Massage, Jetting, and Rainfall all controlled with a knob placed on the top of the shower head.
  • What is the shipping duration?
    North America Free Shipping: 10-21 Business Days Expedited Shipping: 2-7 Business Days United Kingdom Free Shipping: 14-21 Business Days Expedited Shipping: 4-10 Business Days Rest of the World Free Shipping: 10-21 Business Days

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