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How to order a
StoneStream® shower head

Ordering from us is simple and secure.
We accept payments by credit cards, debit cards, and Paypal.

StoneStream is compatible with all shower types, we offer adapters and hoses in our kits.

Step 1

In order to select your shower head, click any of the "BUY NOW" buttons on the website or click here.

Step 2

This is the product selection page. On this page, you'll have to select from 2 menus:

1) Your shower kit
2) An add-on item (It's optional, if you don't want an add-on item, select "None")

How to order StoneStream

Not sure what to order?

If you don't have a hose and holder for our shower head, we recommend purchasing the "4-in-1 Wall Adapter Kit".

If you just want a showerhead, simply choose between our Single-Function model and our Multi-Function model.

If you have hard water, we recommend purchasing our Hard Water Filtration Kit (comes with an adapter and a hose). Which is suitable for all shower types.


What do the kits include?

4-in-1 Wall Adapter Kit


1. Multi-Function Shower Head

2. 5ft Hose

3. Wall Adapter & Holder

4. Replacement Stones Pack

Hard Water Filtration Kit


1. Multi-Function Shower Head

2. 5ft Hose

3. Wall Adapter & Holder

4. Hard Water Filter

5. Replacement Stones Pack

Combo Kit: Wall+Handheld


1. Multi-Function Shower Head

2. 5ft Hose

3. Multi-Function Wall-Mounted Shower Head

4. Connector & Holder

Wall Shower Arm

5. Wall Shower Arm

6. Thread Seal Tape

When you finish selecting, click the "ADD TO CART" button to continue.

Step 3
This page is the cart summary page.
You can see your order summary and enter a promo code if you have one (use code DS10 for 10% OFF).
When you're ready, click "Checkout" to continue payment with a credit or debit card, or "Check out with PayPal" to continue paying with PayPal.

How to order StoneStream

Step 4
Fill in the rest of the details as requested in the next pages and complete your order.

If you have any questions click "Leave a message" and let us know how we can help.
You can also 
go to our "contact us" page.

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