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Alisha Simpson       4 Days ago


I truly like this stone stream shower head, the water flow and pressure on this one is so much better even on the relaxing rainfall setting. The jetting spray mode is what I usually use the most and then towards the end I set it to rainfall to chill me out. It's very easy to switch the spray mode without removing it from the shower head holder by using the rocker switch on the head itself, much better than faffing about with a shower head ring. Superb product.


Max Conway       5 Days ago


My bathroom has a TRITON 8.5kw shower. I wasn't sure if I can replace the old shower head BUT - it turned out to be good. 
The jetting function is superb, the massage function is the one I use by default. Not using the rainfall spray function. It would be nice if there were 5 functions like I saw in the store, but I guess this will do.


Jamie Fisher       3 Days ago


Got this about 4 months ago, nice engineering as switching between spray functions is a lot easier to do by using your thumb rather than rotating the whole shower head. Pressure is good too. I have 2 boys, 2 y/o and 3.5 y/o and they can’t get enough of this shower head. Hope it lasts for a while... so far so good.


Amber Connolly       8 Days ago


It's good, but... I didn't know you need a hose for it! They should mention this on their website.

Declan Wilkinson       2 Days ago


I sincerely recommend this shower head. After buying my old shower set for about 90 quid, I feel sorry that I haven't seen this before. I have bought my 3rd shower head already for my son & daughter who live in the US, they are also very pleased.


Demi Slater       5 Days ago


Just received this today and going to give it to my pop for father's day! It's the 2nd time I purchased the shower head, first one was for me :) this time I'll let other enjoy.

Isaac Connolly       5 Days ago


I recently moved and found that the pressure from the shower was very bad, I saw this video on youtube and it was like a sign :)) 
When it comes to water pressure, I would say water pressure is now about 30%-40% faster than the generic shower head I had before. The water coming out of the shower head is very fine (like rain) and it feels nice to the touch. 

I also love that there is a switch on the side of the head (a lot like a light switch) to change the pressure of the shower. I prefer this much more than spinning the head to try change the modes. 

Overall, I am very happy with this head.


Evie Bailey       7 Days ago


There a 3 functions for the showerhead. The rainfall is very gentle, creates a fine spray, if I open the tap only half way, it feels like a nice mist. Jetting is good for those strong shower lovers, not for me. But my husband is using it. The quality is good. I have a lot of limescale but so far the showerhead survives.

Joss Dickinson       2 Days ago


Good shower head, fair price as well. Shipping was quick (about 5 days in UK). My cousin from Australia also got this and was very happy after I told him about it. 
The only thing I wish it had was a mist spray function. The jetting is pretty strong so I hardly use it.

Oscar Leonard       5 Days ago


Bought this on a whim and I'm thoroughly impressed. Probably the best reasonably priced showerhead I remember.


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Nicole R.

I brought one shower head with hose etc, I didn’t know what to expect, but it’s brilliant! I have psoriasis and the water is hard on my skin, usually after a shower my skin is tight uncomfortable, since having the shower head my skin Is soft so is my hair! My hair is not dry straw like feeling it’s in really good condition abit like when your away on holiday the water is less harsh. I brought another one for my guest bathroom. Really glad I purchased this.
stone stream review 3.jpg

Adam T.

I got this after weeks of umming and erring, I guess boredom of lockdown got me. It arrived about 5 days quicker than they said, accounting for potential postal delays and arrived early within their normal time frame. Installed it and it gives an excellent water pressure. Much nicer than the old shower head.
stone stream review 4.jpg

Deb B.

Shower head arrived within around 10 days. I have issues with dry skin conditions and we're in a hard water area so wanted to give this a try. Very impressed so far! My skin is less dry, my hair is softer and the whole shower experience for me is so relaxing! The kids love it; they actually want to go for a shower now!!! My husband was quite impressed too, which says a lot!! And the customer service team have been brilliant; I made a mistake with a 2nd order and they sorted it immediately. I received regular update emails regarding dispatch and delivery too. All round excellent experience far so good!

Lynda K.

Don't be an miser like I was and buy a cheaper version! This is the real deal. The difference is amazing. Love it.

Eileen D.

I have my stone stream a few months now going to order another one for my mother in law, the water seems softer on the skin even with high pressure. My husband and I could not believe the amount of dirt, almost sand like when I cleaned the filter highly recommend this product.

Dave H.

I just wanted to let you know that my new StoneStream shower head arrived yesterday & I have just had my first shower with it. I have to say i'm very pleased with how it performs. I conducted a little experiment using my old & new shower heads while keeping the water flow dial on the same setting & the pressure is definitely higher using the StoneStream head. I must admit the pressure increase isn't quite as much as I imagined it would be but it IS noticeably better than before & I love being able to make the the choice of 3 spray settings using the switch on the side - much easier than most regular adjustable shower heads where the head itself needs turning.

Jordan S.


David C.

Honestly, I never normally get sucked into Internet advertising and rarely Facebook ads. But this one kept popping up in my feed and I was super tired of clogged up showerhead that I had been living with since I bought the house as I had intended to change the taps a couple of years ago. The clincher was a 20% off voucher code so I thought meh. Why not?

In spite of the health pandemic, the showerhead and cable (glad I got that) arrived within a week and my god, it's AMAZING! It's like I've brought a boutique hotel shower in my humble bathroom. Well done.
stone stream review 4.jpg
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